First Tizen Smartphone May Use Exynos 4 Processor

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Tizen SmartphoneIt is still months away before we see the first Tizen smartphones and we already get an early indication of the type of processor to be embedded inside these devices.

Intel and Samsung have been developing the operating system jointly.  Both companies are capable hardware maker, but evidences told us that it would be Samsung that supplies the chipset.  It appears that Samsung has submitted the processor codename to the Tizen data depository and we can see a direct reference to the Exynos 4 Quad. Another entry mentioning the 4×12 might point to a more affordable processor model,  the Exynos 4 Dual or internally known as the 4212.

Since the Exynos 5 has been used to power the Samsung Galaxy S4, we could take a conclusion that the Exynos 4 is designed for mid range devices. If true, the upcoming Tizen handsets will be positioned in a lower tier. Even so, users will still get more than decent performance level

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