First Smartphone For The Blind Is Being Developed in India

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Smartphone For BlindBlind people in India and perhaps in other countries may soon receive a smartphone model, designed specifically for them. Instead of a standard display, the phone features a grid of pins that can dynamically form various Braille letters for the blinds to read. The innovative touchscreen may depress and elevate based on the content delivered to users. The Shape Memory Alloy technology uses the ability of metals to “remember” their shapes.

Sumit Dagar is the creator of the smartphone and it is promised to be the first Braille smartphone in the world. Dagar said that the phone received immense responses during test sessions and he already has visions on unveiling more capable models in the future. Dagar is a post-graduate student from the NID (National Institute of Design) who realizes that the technology only serves mostly mainstream consumers when in fact the marginalized can significantly benefit from it. His project is financed by the Young Laureate Program, a part of the Rolex Award.

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