First Render of iPhone Math Surfaces

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iPhone Math SurfacesIt’s a safe bet that many loyal Apple fans are still daydreaming on how the 4.8” iPhone Math would look like. Apparently, some did a bit more than just imagining about it. A Russian Apple-oriented website,, just came up with a rendering of what the huge iPhone model could look like. The most apparent change is an additional row of icons on the user interface. Appledigger’s rendering include a 12Mp camera and units with different color options.

Obviously, a week won’t go by without someone in the industry claiming that he came into contact with a trusted source. An analyst said that the iPhone Math may be available in eight color options, thereby mimicking the same marketing strategy used by iPod Touch. Obviously, this render is only the first among countless of others we will see in coming months. Hopefully, we don’t have to wait for too long as reports said that the phone will be launched in June this year.

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