Features of Google Play Games Are Revealed

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Google Play GamesGoogle is preparing to launch a new social-oriented gaming service, the Play Games. The search engine giant hasn’t given any clue about this, but a closer look on the newest release of the Google Play Service can tell us a few things. The Play Games seems to be Google’s answer to Apple’s GameCenter, but it includes Google’s kind of way of delivering online-based solution, including tight integration with other services, such as Google+, among other things.

Users can find others through the matchmaking services, engage in multiplayer sessions, see high scores from others by viewing the leaderboards and unlock achievements in games. The integrated in-game chat also improves social interactivity with the gaming community. Fortunately, those who never take a liking towards social elements can still use the clocud synching feature to save their gaming progress. This would allow users to pick up where they left off on other smartphones or tablets.

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