Fast Burst Camera App

Fast Burst Camera App Offers High-End Capability to Any Android Device

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Fast Burst Camera AppThe current crop of flagships released by manufacturers of Android smartphones stand out with their blazing-fast quad-core smartphones, huge display and amazing camera, but not all of them feature high-performance burst shot capability. Users of HTC One X will definitely appreciate the ability to take up to 99 images in one burst. As a comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S3 can only snap 20 images in one burst.

Burst shot is especially important as smartphones usually require long delay between shots in single-mode. Anyone who has tried to capture fast moving objects on a smartphone will know just how difficult this could be. Think about jumping toddlers and you want to capture those very brief cute moments. If your high-end smartphone doesn’t come with decent fast burst capability, the Fast Burst Camera app is now available for free in the Google Play store. The full-feature, paid version is available for $3.99 and offers additional features such as lighting setting and auto-focus.

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