FaceTime May Eventually Support Data Connections

FaceTime May Eventually Support Data Connections

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FaceTime May Eventually Support Data ConnectionsA notification hidden inside the iOS 5.1.1 may drop the biggest hint yet about the ability to use FaceTime over the standard cellular data connections, something many have been crying out for. The notification says that disabling 3G connection may end a FaceTime session. It easily suggests that Apple has laid the foundation for FaceTime connectivity over cellular data network in the iOS 5.1.1.

As for now, it is not yet known whether the capability will be available in the next update of iOS 5.x.x or the company will save it for the upcoming iOS 6. Although the capability will definitely please users, it may prompt a new debate on how FaceTime will further burden carriers’ data services. Previous researches showed that smartphones, especially, iPhone are data-hog and previous tethering ban performed by AT&T should be an indication of what users may need to deal with.

There’s also another possibility that Apple may be saving up next FaceTime capabilities for its own wireless network as analysts recently told us that Apple is planning to compete with the likes of Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

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