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Facebook’s “Find Friends Nearby” Feature is Released

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Facebook Find Friends NearbyFacebook is quietly adding a new feature to its official mobile apps. The new “Find Friend Nearby” feature allows users to seek friends based on their locations. In both, iOS and Android versions, users can tap the “Find Friend” label, choose “Other Tools” and then “Find Friends Nearby”. Note that it is necessary authorize apps on both mobile platforms to access your location. Luckily, this doesn’t mean that you are revealing your location continuously on the background though, as you will be off the radar, once the “Find Friends Nearby” interface closes. This is a very important security requirement to prevent stalkers from tracking you silently.

The new enhancement is particularly convenient when you and some friends want to meet quickly. Users can invite a few friends to also open the “Find Friends Nearby” page, so they can find each other much more easily.  Unfortunately, when used improperly, this feature can expose us to some potentially awkward and even creepy moments.

As a conclusion, “Find Friends Nearby” is really convenient, but like many mobile social-based features, it is not without its potentials for disaster.

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