Facebook’s Android-based User Interface Will Be Called “Facebook Home”

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Facebook HomeFacebook is gearing to hold a special event related to mobile-related implementation of its services. Facebook is likely to use a customized form of Android OS and it will be known as the “Facebook Home”. As expected, there will be a deep integration with current Facebook services including Contacts, Photos and Messenger apps. Connecting with friends through instant messaging should be as easy as sending out simple text message.

Resembling the iPhone 5, the HTC Myst will have a 4.3” display and home button directly under it.

Some speculate that we may also see an updated Facebook app version. Obviously, the current Facebook app for Android needs an immediate overhaul. Although it’s still much better than the previously version, there’s plenty of room for improvements. Another prediction says that the Facebook Home could also be heading to the HTC One, which is surely a good thing.

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