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Facebook Phone: Will it Work?

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Facebook Phones

There has been some chatter about an official Facebook phone with very close integration with the social networking service. The rumor started in 2009, but the most recent ones say that HTC will become the manufacturing partner. The phone may be codenamed Buffy and yes, it stands for the popular TV show.  The previous project was called “social layer” and “slayer” was a condensed name for the project. Earlier, Facebook ambitiously planned to develop its own smartphone, including the carrier subsidies and industrial design. Apparently, Facebook forgot the fact that it took Apple years to come up with the original iPhone although it has so many experience in consumer electronics.

Facebook may have scaled back its plan by developing an Android smartphone with specialized apps and browser based on HTML5. Why would the social media giant bother, when so many users have downloaded the official Facebook app into their mobile phones? We often heard how rich Mark Z is, but the fact is, Facebook needs money. Badly. The company is missing its revenue projection by 25 percent and it needs to achieve the promised market valuation before the IPO. There are now about 800 million Facebook users and the company is counting on the fact that some of them are fanatic (or perhaps stupid) enough to buy a Facebook phone.   Mark Zuckerberg may try to emulate Amazon’s marginal success with its tablets by releasing a smartphone that ties users tightly with Facebook. Unfortunately, this assumption has one critical flaw, Amazon was successful because it created a walled garden, which is filled with 3rd party videos, books and music, which are easily accessible with Kindle tablets.

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