Nokia Should Finish Off BlackBerry

Experts: Nokia Should Finish Off BlackBerry

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Nokia Should Finish Off BlackBerryThe mobile market doesn’t seem to be large enough for four mobile platforms. WebOS has become comatose and despite the release of Carla, the aging Symbian is getting ready to end its long, productive life. RIM’s BlackBerry OS, on the other hand, is faltering and Microsoft’s Windows Phone is considered as a good candidate for the third player that can act as a wedge between two larger platforms, Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android.

Nevertheless, Windows Phone needs to overcome two challenges, first it needs to get support from major carriers. Nokia seems to have some success in approaching T-Mobile and Lumia 900 will be released on AT&T’s network very soon. Another challenge is how Windows Phone targets the right audience, something Microsoft and Nokia aren’t yet doing.

Experts believe that a more achievable objective for Microsoft and Nokia is to convert the remaining users of BlackBerry within two years. Thus far, BlackBerry users have unconsciously or consciously opted not to join the Google’s or Apple’s ecosystem. Also, RIM acknowledged that it doesn’t have a plan to release a next-generation flagship anytime soon, which may make things a bit dull for BlackBerry fans.

Microsoft is well-known for its enterprise solutions and a complete integration between the next version Windows Phone and Windows 8, will surely make it a compelling alternative for enterprise users of BlackBerry devices. As of the Q4 2011, RIM had only 8 percent market share, but if converted, they should be adequate to give Windows Phone a stronger foothold in the industry.

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