Nokia 808 PureView Super Multimedia Smartphones

Experts: Nokia 808 PureView Has the Potential to Support 4K Video Capture

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Nokia 808 PureView Super Multimedia SmartphonesThe Nokia 808 PureView was one of the biggest surprises we got at the last MWC (Mobile World Congress). Its 41Mp could be a real threat to the digital camera industry; images with 4096 x 1715 pixels resolution are far cry from the 3Mp to 8Mp camera sensors many smartphones have today. What does the technology mean for video enthusiasts and professionals alike? For experts in this field, quite a bit actually, as there’s future possibility for the phone to support 4K video capture. Experts argued that the PureView technology allows such a feat, although there are a few issues that need to be resolved first.

The larger 1/1.2” sensor allows the phone to record 41Mp per frame and if Nokia allows the 808 to record over-sampled clips, it means users can get 4k video capture. Capturing movies at 41 million pixels per second would rival Hollywood’s quality. However, users need to have the tool to display videos with such high resolution. This can happen soon enough as services, such as YouTube already support full-frame 4k videos.

The Nokia also comes with Rich Recording feature. Previously, Nokia set up a competition between Nokia N8, Samsung Galaxy SII, iPhone 4S and Nokia 808 PureView; side by side comparison showed that the PureView 808 outplayed the rest in audio department. Nokia suggested that Rich Recording can handle up to 145db, while other smartphones only go up to 110db. The Nokia 808 could be the experimental platform for these advanced audio video technologies, which marks the beginning for Nokia’s future super-multimedia smartphones.

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