Apple Nano SIM Design

ETSI Finally Chooses Apple’s Nano-SIM Design

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Apple Nano SIM DesignApple has won another battle in the mobile industry. The ETSI (European Telecommunication Standards Institute) finally agreed for a standard called nano-SIMs. Apple’s proposal beat the competing proposals submitted by Motorola Mobility, RIM and Nokia. The new SIM standard, which is also known as the 4FF (fourth form factor) is 40 percent smaller than today’s smallest SIM card design. It can be distributed and packaged in a way that provides backward compatibility with current SIM card formats. Apart from the smaller dimension, the new design offers roughly the same functionality.

For months Nokia and RIM have tried to cast doubt of Apple’s new SIM design, such as accusing the iPhone’s maker of using the standardization process improperly. Apple pledged royalty-free licensing for the design, but Nokia dismissed it as an attempt to devalue others’ intellectual properties. When devices with the new nano-SIM card design enter production, there’ll be more room for larger batteries and additional internal storage; the freed up room should also allow for thinner devices.

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