Epiphany Labs’ onE Puck Uses Heat Transfer to Charge Smartphones

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Heat Transfer to Charge SmartphonesThe idea of using heat transfer for charging our phone seems like an interesting one. The onE Puck works based on this concept and its developer, the Epiphany Labs is seeking funding from investors in Kickstarter website. The hockey puck-like device has two different sides, one in red and another in blue. Put something hot like a glass of hot chocolate near the red side and something cold like ice cubes in a plastic bag on the blue side. This will generate some power, enough for charging most smartphones.

The idea of using heat differences for generating power is actually a couple of centuries old and it has been used on many thermo-electrics implementations. On average, the onE Puck will be able to generate about one Ampere. The device works both on Android and iOS devices.

The company is planning to raise $100,000 to allow the full production in early April. As of today, they’ve only raised about $25,000. The retail price for each unit of onE Puck is $150 with free shipping in the United States and $15 elsewhere.

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