Encrypted Bootloaders of Motorola Smartphones Are Finally Cracked

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Motorola SmartphonesMany would be agree that it’s about darn time developers crack the encrypted bootloader of Motorola smartphones. As we all know, Motorola locks down their phones really tightly and it’s been really challenging to tap into them. We found out recently that a developer called “djrbliss” has finally managed to pull this off.

Crackable devices include Motorola RAZR M, Atrix HD, RAZR MAXX HD and DROID RAZR HD. Droidrzr.com has confirmed that they managed to perform multiple successful unlocks, but unfortunately, this may not be applicable to older handsets like the Bionic.

There have been quite a few attempts to unlock Motorola’s bootloader encryption and this could be the most successful one. No exact details have been published and we still don’t know how this feat can be achieved. Perhaps, they haven’t perfected this method and we can bet that there will be a time when everyone can try it, hopefully by the end of this weekend.

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