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Early BlackBerry 10 Handsets Will Be Touch-Only Devices

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BlackBerry 10 HandsetsA RIM’s executive spoke recently about the architecture of BlackBerry 10, in Toronto, Canada, during a small event. He revealed that the first device running the new OS version will be a touch-only handset. The software still supports physical keyboards, but he didn’t say when RIM will start selling keyboard-equipped BlackBerry 10 handsets.

Many corporate users are still using Blackberry handsets solely because physical keyboard given an outdated perception that typing emails and text messages are harder on a touchscreen display. In fact, fast-typing records on mobile phone were broken on touch-based display using advanced predictive features and swipe-based onscreen keyboard.

Like Nokia with Microsoft’s Windows Phone, RIM is pinning its hope on the BlackBerry 10 OS, which will provide enhanced multimedia and online experience. RIM is set to launch the new OS version later this year in an attempt to slow or even perhaps reverse the migration of loyal RIM users to iPhone and Android.

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