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Early Adopters of Lumia 900 Are Experiencing Data Connection Issue

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Nokia Lumia 900The Lumia 900 was released by AT&T only very recently and some early owners of Lumia 900 are already having data connectivity issues. The Lumia 900 is a long-awaited handset that experts reckoned many consumers would be heading out to buy it. However, as so often happens with early releases of major handsets, any issues immediately become apparent and it seems to be the case with the Nokia Lumia 900. So, if you’re planning to purchase a Lumia 900, it may be worth holding off until this issue is resolved completely. However, if you are one of those eager early adopters of Nokia’s latest flagship, then you may have found this problem yourself. Data connectivity problems are occurring for a number of users whereby they can’t establish a data connection. This is definitely a major cause of annoyance and if unresolved could turn the Lumia 900 into a connection-less smartphone.

Someone claiming to be an insider in AT&T said that it is caused by problems with IMEI registering to 2G, 4G and 4G network. The source also said that Nokia and AT&T are still trying to clear the stock from defective units. Further examination shows that data connection works after the first boot and problems occur after users restarted the handset; and turned off and then turned on the data again. Reports also stressed that texts and voice messages are unaffected, but data connection is immensely important to many. AT&T and Nokia have been asked to provide official statement and it’s interesting to see what they have to say about this issue.

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