Android Signal Reception Problems

Early Adopters of Android 4.0.4 Experience Signal Reception Problems

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Android Signal Reception ProblemsUsers of Samsung Galaxy Nexus have been eagerly waiting for the latest minor update of Ice Cream Sandwich, but it looks like Android 4.0.4 causes more harm than good for some users. Google distributed Android 4.0.4 last week for Samsung Galaxy Nexus and although most users already have Android 4.0.3 applied; some, especially new owners, are updating directly from Android 4.0.0. Those who upgraded directly from the earliest release of Ice Cream Sandwich, reported that their units are having a hard time keeping a stable connection with the network signal. The signal reception usually drops when the phone goes into sleep mode, especially when the phone is idle and there’s no application or service that runs in the background. When it happens, the processor utilization level drops significantly and the phone loses the network signal. This may seem like a minor problem, but you won’t be able to receive either messages or calls until the phone wakes up.

For the time being, users can rectify the problem by keeping a service running in the background to prevent the phone from falling into sleep mode. Another option is to double the minimum processor clock speed to 700 MHz, from the default 350MHz. The last solution is to disable sleep mode completely. Obviously, any of these solutions will hit the battery life of your phone very hard. Many users have reported this issue in different forums and it seems Google is already aware of this issue.

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