Displays of Future iOS Devices Will Get Even Better

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Sony and Hitachi are shipping 4” LCD panels to Apple for a “new iOS device”. A well-known blog, macotakara.jp hinted that the iPhone 5 may eventually available on March 2012. Apple’s latest models the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S still use 3.5” Retina Display and if Apple uses the larger 4” display, it will help the company compete with other manufacturers, which already release phones with displays higher than 4”, such as Samsung Galaxy Note. Before Cupertino unveiled the iPhone 4S, many images circulated in the Internet that showed an iPhone with large display. Many believed that these images were digitally manipulated, until a Chinese website revealed molds of a large-screen iPhone, with 3.7” display.

However, Apple eventually decided to use the same 3.5” to avoid delays in development, as competing Android smartphones started to beat the iPhone 4 in terms of price and features. Apple certainly wants the next iPhone to look wonderful, but unfortunately larger screen means lower pixel density. On the other hand, bigger screen means better multimedia experience. Sources say that the iPad 3 will outshine its predecessors by offering double the pixel density, with resolution that may reach 2048 x 1536. The iPhone 5 may also include some of the Apple’s recently granted patents, such as crack-resistant glass and NFC functionality. The phone may also offers 4G (LTE) connectivity which is already available on many high-end Android devices, however, the technology comes at a price. The iPhone is known for its long battery life and LTE can cut it significantly.

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