DirectFix How to Teardown HTC One S

DirectFix Publishes a Video on How to Teardown a HTC One S

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DirectFix How to Teardown HTC One SThe repair service firm, DirectFix published an instructional video on how to fix camera issues of HTC One S and it should be useful if you want to get your hands inside the handset. As usual, opening a smartphone require steady hands and proper tools; a hair dryer, Torx T5 and a nylon spudger. This procedure is not recommended to inexperienced individuals and you should at least have successfully assembled and reassembled a few smartphones before. Not only that the warranty is at stake, many phone users are the type that has parts left over during the reassembly process. This is something that only professionals should do.

The video certainly makes it looks easy to replace the display of the HTC One S. However, you should be aware that there are tiny screws that can get lost quickly, ribbons that easily twist and fragile connectors. If you’re really compelled to dissect your lovely HTC One S, why not practice with an old Nokia handset that’s collecting dust somewhere in the attic. The innards of a “One” phone are different compared to many smartphones in the market, so don’t assume that you know everything.

HTC One S Screen Repair Directions | DirectFix

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