Nokia Lumia 900

Despite AT&T’s Poor Show, the Lumia 900 Leads the Amazon Sales Chart

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Nokia Lumia 900AT&T claimed that the launch of Nokia Lumia 900 would be the biggest ever in its history, surpassing even the Apple iPhone. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to have the greatest launch ever when most its stores are closed due to Easter holiday. What’s worse, not all AT&T’s stores within the walking distance of Times Square, New York, have the phone in stock. Most AT&T’s resellers were either closed, didn’t answer their phone and if a store did open, they might not have the Lumia 900 in stock yet. Overall, it’s a sad beginning for Nokia’s huge bet in the industry.

AT&T and Nokia may choose a wrong day to launch a phone. The carrier typically releases a new non-iOS handset on Sunday, but it might not be ready last week and because the next Sunday is just a few days before the income taxes are due, perhaps, it will not be a good day either. Despite AT&T’s poor show, Lumia 900 currently tops the sales chart in Amazon Wireless. The black and cyan versions are particularly the most popular, being on the first and fifth position respectively. Hopefully AT&T will promote and sell the handset in a good way starting from Monday. Since its release, reviews of the handset are generally positive and although they consider the Lumia 900 as the best Windows Phone smartphone yet, it has little chance of breaking Android and Apple’s grip on the highly competitive phone market.

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