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Dell is Preparing for a Major Re-entry to the Tablet Market

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Dell TabletsDell is no stranger is the tablet market and it has experienced a string of failures. With the Streak 5 and Streak 7, the US-based company has tried to go up against Apple’s iPad. Unfortunately, Dell’s tablets were crushed relatively quickly under Apple’s merciless juggernaut. At this moment, these tablets are already discontinued. Dell continues to have a presence in the tablet market, but it doesn’t come close to challenging Apple’s devices.

Just like other device makers in the industry, Dell is also preparing an onslaught with its future Windows RT (ARM-based) and Windows 8 (x86-based) tablets. Virtually all users of Dell’s laptops and desktops are familiar with Windows OS and Windows-based tablets could prove to be an excellent extension. This is particularly true, if Dell can offer close software- and hardware-based integration between Windows-based tablets, laptops and desktops.  Speaking to the media, the managing director of Dell Australia recently stated that the iPad is a tad too shiny for business uses, further hinting Dell’s intention.

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