CyanogenMod Releases One-Click Installer for Android Devices

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CyanogenModStarting out as a developer of cooked version of Android, CyanogenMod Inc. has a vision to become the third most popular mobile platform behind iOS and stock Android proper. Naturally, it seeks to get CyanogenMod ROMs onto as many as mobile devices as it can. Very recently, the company has taken a huge leap in this direction. A new one-click installer has just made it much easier for ordinary folks to flash their devices.

If this doesn’t seem like something significant to users; then chances are they have never tried to run CyanogenMod on their devices before. Originally, the installations process was arduous and not for the faint of heart. The installation processes required tedious hard work and a bit of finger crossing.

Obviously, the user-friendly installer couldn’t do everything on its own, since a Windows computer is needed to do most of the heavy lifting. In addition, the list of supported device only mentions a few of Android devices, so it will take some time to achieve true mass-market penetration. CyanogenMod has also inked a partnership with Oppo, a Chinese OEM, to provide its software platform for the uniquely designed N1.

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