Willow Glass

Corning Reveals the Super-Thin, Flexible Willow Glass

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Willow GlassFuture smartphone will have display with flexible and thinner glass cover, perhaps similar to something Corning is preparing to release, the Willow Glass. The head of Willow project said that the new glass will behave like paper. A current display in tablets and smartphones commonly uses three layers of glass, measuring between 0.5 and 0.7 thick. But at just 0.1 mm thick, the Corning Willow Glass promises layer as thin as baby’s hair.  Glass is inherently not a rigid substance and when we make it very thin, it will become quite flexible.

The implementation of Willow Glass allows future smartphones to be thinner, lighter and at some point, cheaper. The development of Corning Willow Glass isn’t without hurdle. The company needed to work with DNP (Dai Nippon Printing Co.) to develop new process for manufacturing paper-like glass. DNP primarily supports printing operation for ultra-thin plastic material, commonly used on bags for consumer products, like potato chips. Obviously, plastic isn’t ideal for smartphone display but with some modifications, DNP’s manufacturing methods can be adapted for Willow Glass.

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