Wi-Fi only Tablets

Consumers Increasingly Favor Wi-Fi only Tablets

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Wi-Fi only TabletsLatest researches show that 65% of tablet users preferred to use Wi-Fi connection than the 3G cellular network. It’s obvious; if you already have a tethering-capable smartphone in your pocket, why purchase a costly data plan for your tablet? Another reason is, Wi-Fi hotspots are ubiquitous in urban area. Concerns over ridiculously expensive cellular data plans are always an issue among users and consumers find that they almost always get free Wi-Fi connection in cities.  Owners of iPad 2 in Verizon network need to pay a whopping $30 for 2GB of data, up until $80 for 10GB of data.

Major carriers, such as AT&T and Verizon are looking for ways to deal with the growing number of users who choose Wi-Fi only tablets, as the trend could eventually carve a sizable portion of their data plan revenue. Family data plans are the most likely used method to regain lost customers. These plans have been offered in European counties and it is hoped that the company can eventually minimize dissatisfaction related to poorly priced data plans. Customers don’t want to purchase individual account for every single device. It is not only expensive; dealing with multiple accounts can drive us crazy. Having a single integrated account and attractive pricing is definitely a good way to go.

Users would agree, however, that although Wi-Fi is cheaper and more reliable, there are times when cellular data connection is necessary. In places, with no Wi-Fi hotspot, a slow 2G (EDGE) connection is better than nothing, especially if you really need to open important email messages.

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