Siri vs S Voice

Comparing Siri and S Voice

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Siri vs S VoiceSamsung unveiled the Galaxy S3 on May 3 at an event in London and it will be released on May 30. Months before its official unveiling, the phone has already become immensely popular. The Samsung Galaxy S3 will come preloaded with Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0.4), Exynos quad-core processor and 8Mp of rear-facing camera. Additionally, the phone will support 4G LTE connectivity and NFC (Near Field Communication) where available. One of its most interesting features is the S Voice, which is very likely a direct rival to Apple’s voice-activated personal assistant, Siri. The APK file of S Voice had been leaked and it seems to work on any ICS device. However, Samsung reacted promptly by blocking access to S Voice servers.

S Voice can be used to control various tasks such as organize schedules, send text messages, control audio volume, play songs, set alarms and many others. Siri and S Voice need properly enunciated user commands to work and they rely on servers to provide accurate answers. In terms of response speed and depth of answer, the Apple Siri seems to have an advantage. Siri also comes with an audio-off option and it is slightly talkier than S Voice. However, unlike Siri, S Voice helps with location-based queries and provides country-specific search results.

Siri v S Voice

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