ClickThis Smartphone Into Remote Control

Clik, More Than Just Turning Your Smartphone into Remote Control

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ClickThis Smartphone Into Remote ControlPut simply, with Clik you can turn your smartphone into a versatile remote control and more, using a user-friendly browser interface. Before using Clik, you need to visit, to obtain the unique QR code.  Then users can open the Android or iPhone app to access an innovative camera-based feature.  Simply aim the camera to the device, to let the app know what device you currently have.  After the device is fully synced, you simply need to open a YouTube video on your smartphone and it will play on the screen.  Clik is definitely not the first app that turns a phone into remote control, but it doesn’t require extra hardware and syncing up your phone with the device is ridiculously easy and fast.

Once you have your head wrapped top the idea, you’ll be impressed with its speed; you can play videos easily and adjust volume quickly.  Even in areas with poor 3G coverage, the lag is only a few second.  Apparently, Clik was developed since years ago and the development team spends so much time to come up with a responsive and mature platform.  The same engine is being implemented to a highly-responsive messaging app called Kik, so Clik is being left behind for awhile.

While at this moment, Clik support is only limited to YouTube, the app can be considered as a proof-of-concept for future services related to audio, video image and gaming.  Clik can also be implemented as powerful gaming controller.  Multiple smartphones can be synced with a single TV; allowing users to control the game displayed using their phones.

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