ClamCase iPad 3

ClamCase Adds More Functionality to the iPad 3

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ClamCase iPad 3Although consumer devices with large touchscreen display have been available since years before, Apple’s iPad has defined tablets as a new class of computing solution. Since its arrival to market nearly 60 millions have been sold and iPad has become an iconic name in the mobile industry. Many third party manufacturers are offering accessories for the iPad to extend the capability and improve the overall user experience.

The new iPad or better known among consumers as the iPad 3 boast many improvements, such as a better display with Retina Display technology. It allows objects on the screen to “pop off” the screen while remaining crisp and sharp at any size.

The ClamCase is an innovative accessory designed specifically for the iPad. Its 360° hinge allows users to view the iPad at any angle desired. The hinge is a patent-pending feature and it’s likely you won’t be able to find it on future keyboards for iPad. Together with the integrated keyboard, users can get laptop-like experience with a brilliant true HD display. ClamCase is not only fully optimized for the iPad; it is also intended to bring a high level of efficiency. The versatile stand and the Bluetooth keyboard have minimal effect on the iPad biggest advantage: portability. Overall, the ClamCase and the iPad 3 are a great match.

Clamcase is a Hollywood-based company that manufactures and distributes a variety of keyboards, cases and other peripheral devices for tablets. ClamCase products are preferred by consumers for their desirable features as they can significantly improve tablet’s productivity and efficiency.

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