China Smartphone Activations

China Leads in Global Smartphone Activations

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China Smartphone ActivationsJust one year ago, in early 2011, China ranked 11th place for Android and iOS activations and it has now beaten out the United States, climbing into the #1 spot. Additionally, Flurry discovered that China experiences a massive growth in app session, with an increase of more than 1100 percent in one year. In January, China accounted at just 8 percent, while the United States accounted for 28 percent of the global Android and iOS activations. In just one year, data gathered shows dramatic shift and by February this year, China rose to 24 percent activations, while the United States dropped to 21 percent.

Other countries, such as Turkey, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Israel, India, Belgium, Russia, the Philippines and Argentina also experienced growth in app session, although not as dramatic as what China experienced. Flurry’s data is also confirmed by other firms, including App Annie, an analytic service, which discovered that China saw a significant growth of mobile download by about 300 percent. There are now 980 million users of mobile phone, however most still use OS-less feature phones. As the local market matures, more users will switch to smartphones. However, developers of mobile platforms need to work on the localization strategy, not just providing proper translation, but also customizations unique to the local trends and the Chinese culture. Developers need to work with local distributors, carriers and other partners to capture the market properly.  China is also critical in of smartphone production; Apple, Samsung and other phone makers set up primary production centers in the country.

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