Caterpillar CAT B10

CAT B10 – Upcoming Caterpillar Smartphone

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Caterpillar CAT B10Caterpillar has announced a ruggedized phone called CAT B10, which is certified for IP67 standards. The company hopes that the tough smartphone will compete with the likes of Samsung Rugby Smart and the Motorola Defy+. Caterpillar is the world-leading manufacturer of construction machineries and the phone really looks as if it is made from parts of a bulldozer.

Its 3.2” display is covered with the scratch resistant Asahi glass (a competitor to Corning Gorilla glass) and the one-inch thick toughened chassis is further protected by a thick rubber. In fact, the device was displayed on the CeBIT under a stream of water. Caterpillar claims that the phone can be fully submerged under one meter of water for 30 minutes. The B10 is also shock resistant and if you somehow manage to drop the smartphone onto the hard concrete floor, there should be no bad effect whatsoever.

Specification-wise, the CAT B10 is a low-end device by today’s standard. The 800MHz processor could only run undemanding Android apps; it also uses Android 2.3.5 and has a 5Mp rear-facing camera.  The phone doesn’t support 4G LTE, but a standard HSDPA connection should be adequate for most construction and mining workers. There’s no information about battery life, but it should run for one whole day in a busy, dusty construction site. Caterpillar promises to provide an update to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) at some point, however there’s no timeframe for the update yet. The phone will be available on Europe for around $500 (off-contract).

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