Carat Perfect Solution to Battery Life Problem

Carat May Prove to Be a Perfect Solution to Battery Life Problem

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Carat Perfect Solution to Battery Life ProblemMany smartphone users are tired of the same battery life drain games. A team of researchers from UC Barkeley has unveiled Carat, an app that offers significant amount of information about how a device uses the energy. Carat runs in the background to monitor energy consumptions of all processes and apps on mobile device. Usual suspects are typically GPS, WiFi, outdated OS version and hardware-intensive apps. Carat uploads data on several days of usages to remote servers and results will be delivered back to users as personalized advices.

Preliminary tests show that the app can be really useful right off the bat; when tested on an iPhone 4, researchers obtained advices for an upgrade to the latest stable iOS version to get 47 minutes of additional battery life. Carat must run on the background for at least a couple days to deliver accurate recommendations to users.

There are definitely concerns on security risks as Carat uploads phone’s information such as OS version, phone model, battery state, device ID, CPU utilization, battery life remaining and apps installed. However, Carat’s developers ensure that the app doesn’t personally identify users and data is processed anonymously.

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