Canonical Will Release Ubuntu OS for Smartphones

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Canonical UbuntuCanonical has recently revealed a plan to release an Ubuntu version for smartphones, which can run from entry-level devices to most powerful superphones. Canonical’s plan has been widely expected, although the OS is likely to come late in a market already filled with various Android and iOS devices.

Ubuntu OS for smartphones isn’t an entirely new platform; instead it will be Ubuntu with smartphone-optimized interface. This would differentiate the OS from other mobile platforms, by turning devices into full-fledged PCs when connected to keyboard, mouse and monitor.

Ubuntu previously has been introduced a partial integration, by allowing Android devices to become Ubuntu PCs only when docked. Unfortunately, the solution has so far brought little impact to the industry. Canonical will face many challenges to implement the strategy, primarily; they need to get hardware manufacturers on board. In its recent press release, Canonical says that it has support from ARM, but no smartphone makers so far.

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