Nokia 808 PureView vs iPhone 4S

Camera Comparison: Nokia 808 PureView Vs iPhone 4S

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Nokia 808 PureView vs iPhone 4SThe Nokia 808 PureView is set to boast an 8Mp rear-facing camera, which is expected to match iPhone 4S’ excellent camera. Nokia stated that PureView isn’t just a simple software-based image enlargement technology. Nokia reckoned that each pixel produced by the 8Mp camera will be constructed from information gathered from seven other pixels. Unlike images that are enlarged directly to larger resolutions, noises will be filtered out effectively.

Photos taken using PureView technology seems to show more detail and has better field of view, while the iPhone 4S’ camera produce more vibrant colors and has more advanced high dynamic range.

It’s easy to feel impressed by the intuitive interface and powerful features of camera app in the Nokia 808 PureView. The handset is expected to be the most expensive Symbian smartphone ever and it will go on sale for £540 later this month. If your budget allows, it is a good idea to invest on a Nokia 808, but if not, you may need to wait until next year when the Pureview technology already filters down into Nokia’s more affordable handsets.

Nokia 808 PureView VS Apple iPhone 4S Camera Test

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