Brydge Can Turn Your iPad into MacBook Air

Brydge Can Turn Your iPad into a MacBook Air

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Brydge Can Turn Your iPad into MacBook AirDuring the earning conference call for Q2 2012, Tim Cook rejected the idea for combining tablet and PC experiences in a single device. Despite his dismissal, a company released a project called Brydge, which can turn an iPad into a MacBook Air-like device. The concept is similar to any Bluetooth keyboard, except for the solid unibody aluminum chassis and the notebook-like hinge. Although the whole assembly is not as sleek as a MacBook Air, it could be mistaken for one, if not for the sideways Apple logo and the black hinge mechanism.

When connected to the iPad, it weighs 2.74 pounds, which is slightly heavier than the 11” MacBook Air. To match the feel and the look of the iPad, Brydge is manufactured from anodized and machine aerospace-grade aluminum.

For some users, tapping objects on the screen and typing on the keyboard at the same time isn’t a smooth workflow, but the keyboard allows for more serious typing and better productivity. The speaker version costs $210, while the non-speaker version is slightly cheaper at $170.

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