Brookstone Portable Fuel Cell Charger

Brookstone’s Portable Fuel-Cell Charger Can Give Your Smartphone Two Weeks’ Worth of Battery Life

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Brookstone Portable Fuel Cell ChargerBrookstone, a popular retailer, will be selling an innovative portable fuel-cell pack that can charge mobile devices a dozen times or more before running out. Lilliputian Systems, the maker of the product, announced that it has designated Brookstone as the first retailer of its USB-based power pack. The fuel-cell pack is as large as a thick smartphone and can share space in your pocket with a smartphone. Lilliputian System is a spin-off from the MIT and it’s the first big step forward after 10 years of existence. Other fuel cell makers have tried to introduce the same device and most have failed.

Brookstone hasn’t disclosed the pricing yet, but the butane plastic cartridge will cost only a few dollars. Empty fuel cartridges can be recycled through most municipal recycling centers and the device can also work for tablets and mobile gaming machines. When used properly, this innovative product can liberate people from wall outlets, allowing hikers, campers and outdoors enthusiasts to use their gadgets for up to two weeks in the wild.

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