British Telecom Assertion

British Telecom’s Assertion on Android Malware May Not Be Accurate

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British Telecom AssertionRecently, security experts from BT (British Telecom) claimed that they have analyzed more than 1000 Android apps and about a third are found to be compromised with some kind of dormant or active malware. It is unclear what BT referred to as malware, while some experts believed that BT might actually taking adware into this category, which is actually a piece of code that displays advertisement automatically.

True, some adware can be considered as malware with its ability to spy on users’ activity and deliver relevant advertising content. Given the fact that many Android apps are delivered with some form of embedded adware code, this could be the most likely explanations. Still the number that BT supplied to us seems a bit mind-boggling.

British Telecom has indeed performed some evaluation on both iOS and Android environments and now the company seems to be reluctant to elaborate on this topic further at the moment. Based on this fact, the company may eventually retract its paranoia-inducing statement on Android malware.

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