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British Telecom Launches a Legal Action over Android’s Patent Infringement

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BT Google AndroidAnother business entity joins the legal attack against Google over possible patent infringements. British Telecoms (BT) argues that some core technologies of Android, including the search feature and other features may infringe BT’s patent. It marks another burden Google needs to bear after similar legal moves made by Oracle, Microsoft, Apple and others. BT currently boasts an impressive portfolio of 5,600 patents.

BT stated that it has allocated a good deal of money and efforts in technologies related to mobiles services. BT believes that Google illegally used BT’s intellectual property to create popular services in Android OS such as search feature, eBooks, Docs, Maps, Places, Google+ social network, Gmails and even Android’s core system. Another alleged infringement is the ability to download song from a Wi-Fi network, but not on a 3G data link. Google Maps, also has the ability to show different level of information based on zoom stages. BT is commencing legal proceedings against the Internet giant with a US District Court. BT argues that it is trying to protect expensive past investments and the company believes that its argument is strong.

Google reacted by preparing for a legal battle and it states that these legal claims are without merit. Experts say that Google’s expansion to the mobile industry has made lawsuits inevitable. Technologies used by Android are related to hundreds if not thousands of patents owned by various old players in the industry. The mobile industry is huge and there’s a lot of money involved, consequently every company tries to get a piece of it easily, especially if it is legally possible.

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