Boeing Release Android Smartphone

Boeing Will Release An Android Smartphone Later This Year

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Boeing Release Android SmartphoneBoeing is better known as a major manufacturer of aerospace and defense products and the company informed the media earlier that they’d soon be releasing a special type of Android smartphone. The National Defense Magazine reported that Boeing is developing a very secure handset, which would be released later this year. Boeing declines to go into specifics about release date and specs, though an executive said that the phone is at the end of its development stage. It’s a safe bet that the specs details won’t be the most competitive. A few months back, Caterpillar, the producer of construction machines released a highly durable Android phone called, Caterpillar B10. Although the phone is quite capable of taking a beating, it’s only powered by an 800MHz processor, with a standard 3.2” TFT touchscreen display commonly used on cheaper devices.

As you’ve already guessed, Boeing’s phone isn’t something that you’ll be able to pick up at the nearest phone store in your area. During the development phase, Boeing may keep an eye on latest developments in secure communication field, instead of on the fastest quad-core ship or the flashiest display. Boeing may put much more effort in modifying the Android source code to enhance the security level further. The open-source, free mobile OS allows the company to offer the phone at a much lower price, which would please budget-conscious procurement folks in DoD and other government agencies. Boeing’s handset isn’t the only highly secure Android handset; previously Dell Streak 5 received an official seal of approval from DoD. The tablet was already discontinued, but the folks within the government organization seemed to appreciate its mini slate design.

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