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Bluetooth 4.0 in the New iPad: Should You Be Excited?

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Bluetooth 4 0Unless you have been living under a rock, undoubtedly you’ve felt the excitement for the release of the new iPad. The tablet is packed with plenty of new features, such as the more powerful A5X processor, quad core graphics, crisp Retina Display and the optional 4G LTE connection. However, another interesting new feature has slipped under the radar: the Bluetooth 4.0. Understandably, Bluetooth is not the most exciting technology in the mobile industry and it has faded from consumer’s mind as an interesting mobile technology.

Despite the improved performance, the Bluetooth 4.0 sips power more slowly and it is especially useful for devices designed for sensors, such as instrument that measure physical characteristics such as heart rate.

The Smart Ready technology can turn the new iPad into a Bluetooth hub, as an iPad is usually connected persistently to Wi-Fi networks and rarely get switched off. This is precisely how Smart Ready is envisioned to work. Obviously, in the future Apple can’t make the claim that they are the first to implement smart appliances. LG and Samsung have been offering smart refrigerators for many years.

Another significant improvement is the ability to support application upgrades and improvements over time. Essentially, hardware manufacturers should also follow the open and unified standard. In the future, many new appliances and accessories can offer functions never before conceived by anyone. The Bluetooth 4.0 may eventually begin a revolution of home appliances. You can control coffee maker at your home with the new iPad.

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