Blackberry Curve 9380

Blackberry Curve 9380 Review

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Blackberry Curve 9380RIM has decided that its loyal consumers need more touchscreen devices and after the Torch 9850, the Canadian company released a touchscreen-only phone called the Curve 9380.  The new phone is essentially a Curve 9360 with larger screen and missing the physical keyboard. Just like the Curve 9360, the phone has the same dimension, except for the more curved feels, thanks to the 3.2” touchscreen. While it’s not the thinnest phone in the market, the Curve 9380 offers an impressive slimness. Those who fed up of smartphones massive display will find the smaller screen easier to navigate and texting can be accomplished with just one hand. Just like its predecessor, the Curve 9380 also offers the same keys combination, such as Call, Terminate, Menu and Back.

The homescreens of Curve 9380 is slightly different with those you find in Curve 9360, as it is optimized for touchscreen instead of the trackpad. The virtual keyboard that replaces the physical QWERTY keyboard is pretty usable, although it pales in comparison to Curve 9360’s typing speed. Unfortunately, despite the larger screen, the Curve 9380 has the same screen resolution with the Curve 9360, which results in lower sharpness. For a smaller price tag, the Curve 9380 offers the same functionality and it also bundles NFC capability for good measure.  When compared with mid-range Android phones, the Curve 9380 is somewhat comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Ace and HTC Wildfire S. The 5Mp camera can capture decent images and the 806 MHz processor can power the Blackberry OS 7.0 adequately.

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