BlackBerry 10 OS Available For BlackBerry Playbook

BlackBerry 10 OS Will be Available for BlackBerry Playbook

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BlackBerry 10 OS Available For BlackBerry PlaybookThe developer team of BlackBerry OS has confirmed that the BlackBerry 10 OS will run on current version of PlayBook tablet without requiring any hardware modification. Of course, there would be a delay between the official release of the BlackBerry 10 smartphones and the actual delivery of updates to the Playbook tablet. This may translate to a wait until early next year, as the first BlackBerry 10 OS device isn’t expected until later this year.

BlackBerry 10 is the next generation OS that the Canadian company is readying and it will act as a unified platform for both RIM’s smartphones and tablets, much like Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). The company is banking a lot on the BlackBerry 10 OS after having relinquished much of its market share to Android and iOS. It will be very interesting to see how the BlackBerry 10 OS will perform in the highly competitive tablet market that is flooded by three iPad models and hundreds of Android tablets models.

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