Bill Gates: Microsoft is Making Mistake With Its Business Strategy in The Mobile Industry

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Microsoft Business Strategy in Mobile IndustryBill Gates appeared on CBS’ This Morning show and he didn’t seem to be at ease with how Microsoft is handling its smartphone business. Gates said that Windows 8 is important for the company’s future and he also mentioned Bing as well as the Surface tablet. However, he still believes that Steve Ballmer is still the right person to lead Microsoft.

No longer taking the leadership role, Bill Gates is now the chairman of Microsoft. He admitted that with the way Microsoft is participating in the smartphone business today, it is impossible for the company to eventually dominate the industry.  Gates doesn’t feel comfortable in seeing how Microsoft is looking up at Google Android and Apple iOS by consistently staying in the third place. Microsoft failed to respond quickly and effectively when Apple introduced the iPhone.

It could take Android’s spot, but the company waited too long as the Windows Phone came late in the market on October 2010. The company is still the largest software company in the industry and it is actually already very familiar with touch-based familiar for decades.  PDAs released in 1990’s were based on windows CE and pocket PC 2002 was already used on smartphones since 2002. When the original Apple iPhone was released in 2007, Microsoft already had Windows Mobile 6.0, but it was far less capable than the iOS.

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