Safari on iOS 6

Benchmark Results Show That Safari Runs Faster on iOS 6

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Safari on iOS 6Apple held an event few days ago where they unveiled a new version of their mobile platform, the iOS6 with features that can make any geek drools. A staff from Anandtech tested the beta build of iOS 6 on an iPhone 4S and found a few things that could make Apple fans smile. According to benchmark results Safari in the iOS 6 is 17.2 percent faster in SunSpider test compared to iOS 5. On the HTML test, the iOS 6 is 36 points (360) higher than its predecessor. Then in CSS3 test, the Safari in iOS 6 is 5 percent faster than in iOS 5.

We have to admit that benchmark results often don’t mean a thing, since there are dozens if not hundreds of other factors that determine browser performance in real-life environment. That being said, performance improvement starts to become perceptible at 10 percent mark, so the 17 percent hike in SunSpider result should get us moderately excited. However, it is unknown whether the same performance level can be achieved by iPhone 3GS using iOS 6, due to the older hardware.

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