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Benchmark Results Show Intel Medfield Outperforms Apple 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Intel MedfieldWith the new Medfield processor, Intel has a big plan to take the mobile world by storm. Because it will get stiff competition from the likes of Qualcomm and Nvidia, the chip giant needs to come up with something worthwhile to stand a chance of stealing a portion of the market share. At the MWC, Intel showed its card by displaying a new phone, called Santa Clara that will be available in France and UK, under the Orange network.

The Medfield is a 1.4GHz processor with an architecture that’s meant to perform impressive feats that other handsets simply can’t manage, such as a rapid burst mode that can take 10 full resolution photos in a second. Some keen analysts were interested in finding out just how fast Intel’s solution was, they used appropriate benchmarking tools, such as BrowserMark and Vellamo to see how Santa Clara shaped up against other deviceson the market.

It appears that Intel’s Medfield processor solidly beat processors used by Samsung Galaxy Nexus and Apple iPhone 3S, both which are considered as among the most powerful and capable smartphones on the industry today. Even so, although benchmark tests can gauge a processor’s power, they don’t directly correlate with real life situations.  For example, fast app switching and multitasking require more than raw processing power. At this stage, it is not yet known whether the processor won’t significantly impair phone’s battery life.

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