Benchmark Result of Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 Processor is Released

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Qualcomm SnapdragonQualcomm unveiled a new processor lineup, which is consisted of Snapdragon 200, 400, 600 and 800. With the release of HTC One, we finally have the opportunity to see how the Snapdragon 600 compares with other processors in the market. Qualcomm previously claimed that the Snapdragon 600 will be about 40 percent faster than the Snapdragon S4 Pro and now we have the benchmark results to prove this.

The Quadrant Standard benchmark recorded a whopping 12,500 score when testing the Snapdragon 600. While we shouldn’t judge any processor with a benchmarking software alone, the result is undoubtedly telling. Sunspider also returns an excellent score of 1,195ms (lower is better).

It should be noted that benchmark result can be different in each phone model despite the use of the same processor. The Adreno 320 GPU and 2GB of RAM may have some contribution to the actual scoring. Mire phones will be equipped with the same processor model including the LG Optimus G Pro.

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