BBM in BlackBerry 10 Devices May Feature Video Chat Capability

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BBM in BlackBerry 10Only in less than 3 weeks, we will finally get the first official glimpse of the BlackBerry 10 OS. Based on so many leaks on the new OS, it will surely change the game for the RIM and BlackBerry lineup. Over the past few years, BlackBerry platform has lost much of its appeal.

The BlackBerry Z10 would be among the first smartphone model to run the new operating system. It will be a full touchscreen model, with physical QWERTY keyboard. This won’t be the first time for RIM to release a full touch device, the Bold Touch 9930 and other similar models have moderate successes in the market. Nevertheless, the Z10 is a vast improvement over RIM’s current lineup with the much enhanced hardware specs and hundreds of new features.

One among many would be the video call capability in BlackBerry Messenger service. A short clip has been discovered from the BB10 Dev Alpha unit and it hints video chat capability in the next version of BBM app. It’s unclear how RIM will add the feature, but it may include a shared-screen layout.

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