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Baidu Will Release its own Smartphone Soon

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Baidu SmartphoneBaidu will soon release a $160 entry level smartphone for the burgeoning China’s market. Instead of Android or Windows Phone, it will run Baidu Yi, the company’s proprietary OS, which includes many services such as cloud storage, map, eBook reader and MP3. The $160 price point is well inside the sweet spot in China’s market and it will be suitable for users who plan to trade up from feature phones. However, the competition in sub-$200 price range is fierce, as Huawei, ZTE, HTC, Motorola and Xiaomi are all battling for larger share. Because many basic, affordable smartphones are running Android, Baidu represents something unique in the market.  Baidu will soon offer its mobile platform and some local handset makers may incorporate Baidu Yi to expand their offering. Baidu Yi is attractive, especially because it offers functionalities and features that are highly relevant to China’s market.

Consequently, Baidu’s OS can potentially gain traction among hundreds of million of Chinese people who still use feature phones.  Baidu’s OS first arrived with the Dell Streak Pro D43 and for now, the platform seems to have a chance to compete with its peers.

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