Tablet Price Continue to Decline

Average Tablet Price Continue to Decline

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Tablet Price Continue to DeclineIf you’re planning to buy the first tablet or replace your outdated tablet model, this seems to be the right time. According to IMS Research, the average tablet price during the Q1 2012 has dropped 21 percent compared to Q1 2011 to $386. The decline in price is likely caused by the fierce competition in the industry. Apple also contributed to the trend by reducing the price of the entry model of iPad 2 to $399.  Price is still a significant factor in attracting buyers, and Amazon has proven it with the $200 Kindle Fire.

Low-end tablets are well-received and vendors continue to offer lower prices. Nvidia said that even with reduced user experience, it is difficult to design an affordable tablet. But the graphic card maker is trying to change that by developing a reference platform called Kai, which will become the basis that manufacturers can use to build quad-core tablets targeted at the attractive $199 price point. The rumored Google Tablet and the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 are two highly expected low-end tablets, which will put more pressure on major tablet manufacturers, such as Apple and Samsung.

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