AT&T Subscribers - GoPhone Data Plan

AT&T is Doubling Data Allowance for Prepaid Customers

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AT&T Subscribers - GoPhone Data PlanWhether they are on contract or not, consumers are demanding for more wireless data connection. AT&T recently doubled its data allocation for prepaid subscribers, in an attempt to bring itself more in line with competitors. Now with GoPhone data plan, AT&T subscribers only need to pay $5 for 50MB per month, $15 for 200MB and $25 for 1GB. This move may also encourage users of non-OS phone to switch to smartphones, which offer better features and capability for Internet usage. Smartphone users tend to use more data, which generate more revenue for the carrier. But how does AT&T’s offering compare? At this moment, Verison provides unlimited monthly data plan for $30, while Virgin Mobile charges $35 per month for the same unlimited data plan, which included 300 minutes of talk time.

As the phone industry in the United States matures, more people are using prepaid plans and it wasn’t too long ago when prepaid customers only got poor and expensive phone selection. AT&T is working to offer better prepaid data plan, but the 1GB of data allowance per month is a pittance as it can be expended in just a few hours of YouTube sessions. Also at $25, it feels like a rip off compared to unlimited data plans offered by other carriers. AT&T’s contract subscribers get better deal with 3GB for $30, which equals to $10 per 1GB, however they are bound to two-year agreement, while prepaid customers can switch carrier whenever they want.

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