AT&T Blame Google for Slow Android Update

AT&T: Blame Google for Slow Android Update!

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AT&T Blame Google for Slow Android UpdateAt Milken Institute, AT&T CEO’s, Randall Stephenson explained why Android smartphones are so slow to obtain the latest Android version. His answer is simple: Blame Google! Google chooses which platform should get the latest release. Often, it involves negotiated arrangements with phone vendors and carriers. Despite the importance of this issue, Randall didn’t to seem give a direct answer.

Google replied by releasing a statement that Google never has any agreement in place before issuing an update to related parties. The company argued that the source code is available for download at and verifications on whether the update works on a specific device is determined by regulatory agencies, carriers and manufacturers. However, Google may not tell us the whole story, the Internet giant does open source the mobile platform, but it still keeps a tight control over apps as well as the official Android app distribution, the Google Play. Many people can easily get the sense that swiftly providing updates is not high in Google’s priority list. Source: WebProNews

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