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Asus Will Make Google’s Nexus Tablet

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Google Nexus TabletHere’s a topic that could get plenty of coverage in the future. A rumor on Google Nexus Tablet came recently from Android & Me and it was also leaked that Asus will manufacture it. This is certainly an interesting subject, since Samsung has always been Google’s closest partner in the production of Android reference devices. Android & Me further explained that the tablet is a Nvidia Tegra3 device, with 7” display and 1280×800 pixels resolution. Running Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) it will be sold for $199. Put simply, it has the same price as the Nook Tablet and Kindle Fire.

Some people may dismiss the pricing as unlikely, as Asus introduced MeMo 370T a similarly spec’d tablet at CES earlier, which will be sold for $249. However, the aggressive pricing is possible if Google subsidize the tablet.

No one knows for sure when the tablet will be unveiled, but typically the Internet giant gives out newest Nexus device at the I/O conference. Assuming the pattern holds, Android developers will witness for the first time the Nexus Tablet at June 27-29 this year. But can Nexus Tablet compete with its competitors? A well designed $200 tablet might attract buyers and developers, which is an important part in Google’s long-term strategy. It always tries to get 3rd party developers on board and build an open ecosystem. Overall, a $200 quad-core tablet is completely irresistible and when it comes to Android, it’s generally an easy sell.

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